Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rocks! Waterfall! (Work in progress)

     Now that I've had my floral break, I'm back to working on another rocks and waterfall painting. This one is a conglomerate of two shots I took somewhere out west -- Yellowstone, maybe. It's about half done, and I'm chipping away at it during the Tuesday afternoon watercolor class I teach in Kettering, Ohio.
     I started this with the intention of doing a pen and ink drawing, then over-painting with watercolor. That idea lasted through the first session, and you can see evidence of this beginning in a couple sections. During the second session, I laid in the sky and distant background. Last Tuesday I worked on the rocks on the middle and lower right, and I started indicating the flow of the water.
     If you're interested in technique, you can see where I've used coarse table salt in the rocks on the lower right. It gives some interesting texture, though I'll probably paint over some of it. It would look too odd to have it only in that one section of the painting.
     Keep watching this blog, and you'll see how the painting develops.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Red Daylilies

Being heartily tired of rocks and waterfalls, I decided to do a floral. Here's my attempt to capture the brilliance of my husband's red daylilies.
It's transparent watercolor on an eighth sheet of Arches hot press watercolor paper.