Thursday, October 11, 2012

Christmas in October

Yesterday, one of my students was working on a painting for this year's Christmas card. I had that in mind today when I dug through my "morgue" and found a house I'd photographed years ago. (Sorry, I don't remember where it's located.) Anyway, I changed the season to winter, hung some bows and a wreath on windows and door, et voila! It was fun, and I got it done in an afternoon.

I'm reasonably happy with it. Or at least I thought I was. Now, as I stare at it on my screen, I see a blue million little flaws. Maybe I can claim the builder was a little bit drunk on this job?

"Christmas Card House", about 10x10 inches, watercolor on 140# Lanaquarelle.

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  1. Dear Susan just happened upon your blog. Your house all decked out for Christmas is wonderful. Took time to pad around and look at some of your other posts. Thanks for the idea to use silk flowers when real are not available. As for negative painting - I find it really gives me a workout - looks so simple but for me it is hard. Love your forest. Have a great day.


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