Thursday, April 7, 2011

Autumn Still Life

This was originally a demo for a class and was done from an actual setup (as opposed to working from a photograph). I wasn't happy with it, so yesterday I pulled it out of my stack and gave it a thorough scrubbing until I had nothing but a faint ghost image. I spent a lot of time on the flowers, which was tricky since I was working from memory. I'm now much happier with the right side of this painting. 
     As for the left side, the less said, the better!  See that thing that looks like a white pear? I have no idea what that actually was. My best guess would be some kind of decorative gourd. Maybe if I just whack it off...
     Hah! When in doubt, crop it out!

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  1. In my opinion, hacking off the left side of the painting improved it immensely because it created an "unfinished" edge on the left and centered the flowers more. They moved from just being a part of the painting to being the focal point. When the whole thing was there, my eyes didn't know where to stop - the flowers? The pumpkin? Now there's no doubt and the painting is much easier to look at and much more enjoyable to view.


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